About us

Tassve company is a trustworthy tubeless valve manufacturer providing quality products for Europe, North America, Australia, etc.Our factory has high production efficiency, good product quality, and a variety of product colors and types. The MOQ of each product and color is 1000 pieces.

Our presta tubeless valves have the following features;

1, Rubber base, can perfectly seal the valve hole

2, Removable valve core, easy to inflate and add sealant

3, Valve cap is plastic, usually black

4, There are color options for aluminum valves

5, The valve material has the choice of copper and aluminum

6, The length of the valve has a choice, generally 32mm-120mm

Tassve Company is located in mainland China and has many trading and export experiences. The quality products have been well reflected and welcomed by many foreign customers and friends.

We are MTB tubeless valve manufacturer and focused on high quality products and perfect customer service.

If you have any information you want to know, please feel free to contact us. Our staff will reply the first time.


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Contact: Jason Wang

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